MelaMagic: Heavy-Duty Cleaner


MelaMagic's versatile formula uses powerful, biodegradable grease-cutters to tackle even the hardest messes. MelaMagic is an industrial-strength solution that successfully cuts through grease and other difficult problems without the need of hazardous chemicals like ammonia or chlorine bleach.

4x Concentrate

MelaMagic creates 121 litres of ready-to-use cleaner thanks to its ultra-concentrated composition.

Better for your Home

You can be certain that when you use MelaMagic, you're not using chlorine bleach, ammonia, or harsh fumes, and you're not using abrasives on your surfaces. MelaMagic's biodegradable cleaning solution will help you lessen your environmental impact by minimising the amount of plastic and fuel you use. You may rest easy knowing that the heavy-duty cleaning you're using is safer for your home.