PreSpot: Laundry Stain Remover


With PreSpot 4x laundry stain remover you can have stain-free clothes and a spot-free conscience. Imagine being able to remove more stains than ever before - all without using chemicals that eat away at your clothes and put your house and the environment at risk. Imagine saving up to 40% or more compared to popular brands thanks to a highly concentrated recipe. When you switch to PreSpot 4x, you get exactly that.

Removes the Toughest Stains

Even the three toughest sorts of stains - starch, protein, and grease - don't stand a chance against PreSpot 4x's three naturally derived enzymes. In fact, PreSpot 4x works on stubborn stains like blood, starch (fruit juice, milk, pasta, etc.) and vegetable oil thanks to its triple enzyme power.

Safer for Your Home with No Caustic Chemicals

PreSpot 4x is safer for your home and gentler on your clothes because it contains no harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Its organic enzymes targets stains and removes them from the cloth without causing damage or fading. PreSpot 4x will make you feel better about keeping it in your house, and its biodegradable ingredients will make you feel better about how you're treating the earth.

Save the Environment by Adding Water

You can make a big difference to the environment by starting small. All you have to do is add the water. As a result, you reduce plastic waste and save the energy it takes to ship the extra water.